Week 6 Master Key Experience

Hard to believe that we are already in Week 6 of the Master Key Experience! It has FLOWN by and at times I feel like I am so far behind where I should be! Then I read some of the blogs from fellow students and I realize I am not that different than the others! We are all struggling balancing the amount of work required to meet all of the requirements and live our full-time life! But we ALL know that the end result will be worth the time and effort, so we continue to forge ahead and learn different techniques for wringing more time out of our already packed schedules. I know that the person that I will be at the end of this journey is going to be a LOT different than the person writing this blog and I am beyond excited to meet him!

Week 5 Master Key Experience: Fog is beginning to lift, but still need more hours in the day!

This was the second week in a row that I was able to actually listen to the ENTIRE webinar without having to come in late or get off early and finish it later! And it seems to be making all the difference. I am really starting to understand how important that charging our words with emotion is to the entire process! I am also trying to visualize my DMP and picture myself in the situations that I paint in my DMP. That is a LONG way for me to go, but I am making progress! I did a couple of FB Lives talking about the importance of consistency, part of that was inspired by a fitness challenge that I am doing, but the other big piece was MKE and how I am in this for the LONG haul! This course is just like losing weight. We take years to put on the fat that we carry around and complain about, so we make the decision to change and lose the weight, but get angry and frustrated when the years worth of accumulated fat is not gone in a few weeks of dieting and exercise! The same thing is true here. We have been thinking this way for years (in my case decades), and we get frustrated when we don’t see a complete turnaround in our thinking in a matter of a few weeks! That is why I am in this for the long haul because I GET the fat loss analogy and I am COMMITTED to changing my mindset/blueprint so that I can finally live the life I have always dreamed!

Week 4 Master Key Experience: Starting to make sense!

Week 4 and this is the first webinar that I was able to listen to the whole thing start to finish because I told my family WHY I was doing what I was doing and they surprisingly respected my wishes to be left alone to take notes and really take in what was being said! And this was a perfect webinar for that as the science piece of it really spoke to me and confirmed that this is not just “woo woo” stuff! LOL! My wife even understands that I have to read ALOUD in the evenings and when I finally shared my DMP with her, I broke down and could barely finish when I got to the part about buying her a real diamond wedding ring. So suffice it to say I have PLENTY of feeling tied to that part! Starting to get more organized and getting in ALL of my daily readings and exercises! I will NOT quit this course and will figure out a way to get in all of my tasks in a meaningful manner DAILY! I keep my promises!!!

Week 1: Master Key Experience

I am really struggling with getting the key concepts down for this class! I have read plenty of self-help books and heard some of these concepts before, but the exercises that we are doing confuse me, other than the reading of the scrolls. The DMP will be interesting, but difficult to get under 400 words to get enough detail and FEELING. But I am excited to continue the journey because I know nothing worth having is ever easy and I am guessing that this is going to AMAZING at the end! I can hardly wait to see the new ME!

Week 3 Master Key Experience: Damn you Old Blueprint!

As a 28 year veteran of the Army, there is not much that I don’t think that I can do, but this sitting still for 15 minutes (without falling asleep) is kicking my butt! I am thinking that the hot tub may be the sanctuary that I need to be able to do the 15 minutes uninterrupted. And reading out loud is going to have to be done in the garage since my wife keeps telling me to do it someplace else! I know that she is going to appreciate the man that I AM going to become, but she does NOT appreciate the process! And I have used that as an excuse to NOT read out loud at night but in the morning when I wake. NO MORE! I know that to have things no one else has, I have to do things no one else is willing to do! From this point on, no matter the time or how tired I am; no matter how many eye rolls I get from my wife; I will read the Scrolls and DMP OUT LOUD every night before I go to bed so that the words sink into my subby!

Week 2 Master Key Experience: Fighting the old blueprint!

I have struggled this week with reading all of the things that I have to read at the times that I should read them! We have had class that I have to be in, which messes up my lunch ritual, but I am recognizing that I have to change my ritual because it is NOT serving me! And I have not been reading the first scroll out loud in the evening, but have done it in the morning. As I keep re-reading the scroll, it has finally impressed upon me that it is my old blueprint that has me reading out loud in the morning when NO ONE is around! If I want change, I need to follow ALL of the instructions and not just the comfortable, easy ones! I finally reached out to my guide with some questions when I did not get an email saying that my initial review of my DMP was complete. I needed to go back into the DMP program and sure enough, there it was! I sometimes feel like I will not be able to complete the tasks because I just don’t get some of it, but I am COMMITTED to completing this course because I know that I will be a better person and MUCH more successful because of this course!

Master Key Experience Week 1: And so it begins!

So I started this week with the master Key Experience, a course which is supposed to teach me how to master myself! I have read books and listened to plenty of audiobooks over the years, but this promises to be different! The time commitment is certainly much more than anything that I have ever experienced before! They also have “guides” that will help us with questions or concerns that we may have and will guide us down the path to taking control of our conscious and unconscious thoughts.

There are some pretty big promises made in this course, but they come along with assurances that if we do the work, the change will come! It is certainly going to be a challenge to do some of the tasks that are required such as: sit still for 15 minutes a day, reading the Blueprint Builder 3x per day, reading our DMP 3x per day, and reading one scroll for Og Mandino’s “The Greatest Salesman in the World” out loud 3x per day!

While I enter this 26 week course with a bit of trepidation, I also have a sense of excitement that I cannot explain! It appears that all of the things that matter in my life are coming together at this time! I found the Master Key Experience at a time when my network marketing business finally makes sense to me and influential people are lining up to help me be successful. More importantly, my wife Traci is on board with me building this company, which has NEVER happened before! And I have finally found a company that is completely in line with my passion and morals! I am so excited to see where this goes!