Week 17 Master Key Experience: Cards, cards, and more cards!

The webinar this week really focused on the benefits that we gain by flashing through our 3×5 cards multiple times throughout the day. And I am seeing the method to the “madness”!

Perhaps the Law of Growth is finally kicking in, orbit has been there the whole time and I am finally recognizing the changes, but the index cards is making sense to me. I have had to re-write a few cards because I keep them in my pants pockets so they are readily available and get trashed getting pulled out! 😳

Played some catch-up this week and that felt AMAZING! I am very competitive and I HATE to be behind! Looking forward to experiencing epiphanies this week!

Week 16 Master Key Experience: Putting the pieces together

Four months! Hard to believe that this much time has passed and I still feel like such a newbie! I have been so faithful with my readings and feel like I have somewhat half-assed my cards, shapes, and colors. But when Haanel talked about how knowledge cannot apply itself, it really struck a chord with me! THAT is why I am feeling like a newbie! I also was reading my DMP and at the bottom it says “I will do ALL of the assignments EXACTLY as I am told. I always keep my promises”.

I did a FB Live for a Fitness Challenge where I talk about how easy it is to break promises to ourselves, but much harder to break promises to other people! Hence the Mastermind. Yes, I can be taught! Looking forward to playing catch up, but really doing the “thing”!

Week 15 Master Key Experience: Knowledge does not apply itself!

This week’s readings really made me think much more in depth about how thoughts bring about creation. But the part that really hit home with me was the 36th paragraph!

During our SIT, we were to dwell on the fact that knowledge does not apply itself. BOOM! Seems obvious, but I was one of those people that bought all kinds of courses and books so I could learn the best way to prospect, or be a better husband, or hit a better racquetball shot. And then I would never finish the course/book and would not put into practice what I DID read!

Taking action is becoming my new mantra. I have heard people talk about Russell Brunson’s books saying that if you just read something that he says, put it into IMMEDIATE action, you will not have to spend thousands of dollars to attend his live events and will have the success you desire!

The same thing is true with my network marketing business. I find that I actually have some success when I am doing the right things that expose my business and drive it forward!

Some of you are probably shaking your head, although probably not in this group. I imagine that most of you are giving me a mental slow clap because yet another on is finally getting it!

Week 14 Master Key Experience: The DO!

I am slowly starting to see where the exercises that we have been doing are actually leading somewhere! It really hit me when Haanel talked about how the athlete can read all kinds of books about physical training but until he actually puts forth the physical effort to implement what he has learned, nothing will happen!

I can see where we have been training our minds in different ways so that we can be in harmony with the Universal Mind in positive ways that will bring about positive results! Not just in the Law of Attraction but in our everyday interactions with those around us. The Law of Dual Thought has had the most profound effect upon me thus far as well as the Law of Growth. Trading positive thoughts for negative thoughts has really been a game-changer for me!

I have always known that I am a child of God, but this week’s reading really helped point out how I can be in harmony with Him and tap into His goodness not only through prayer, but with being in harmony with Him because He made us in His image! And our minds are the radios with which we can communicate with Him. AMAZING!

Week 13 Master Key Experience: New tools!

Week 13 was a shift in how I am thinking about the whole Master Key Experience. There have been many of the exercises that I have been faithful with on a daily basis, and some others, such as the colored shapes, not so much!

Part of that issue is the the wife will not allow the colored shapes to be placed around the house, so I have them at work! I am in the process of updating my DMP so that it evokes more emotion as I really see the benefit FINALLY!

There are times during this process that I feel like I am a slow learner, but then I realize that I am at least a learner! I remind myself that I AM becoming a better person and my thought life is definitely improving!

So excited to continue this journey and become the best person I can become!

Week 12: I AM good!

This week was great! Too often I (and people I associate with) focus TOO much on the negative things or the things that we did not get accomplished, and we miss out on the AWESOME things that we DID accomplish! BOOM! Another epiphany for me!

I am usually pretty good at lifting up the people around me, but I plan on doubling my efforts in that area and focusing on what they ARE accomplishing as I believe that when we focus on what we did get done, we are more focused on getting the other tasks completed!

I did NOT make it the whole 50 minutes with my one line DMP (I was raised Catholic, so confession is good for the soul!), but I am doing my cards of what I accomplished and looking forward to Week 13!

Week 11 Master Key Experience: Circling back and gaining increased understanding!

I love/hate how much this journey pushes me! There are so many tasks to do and seems like there is never enough time to do them! So that is my old blueprint working out a way to stay in charge. It HAS been a challenge to get in ALL of the exercises, but I have been focused on the core readings and looking my movie poster. I am working with Michelle Dahlman on Masterminding and she told me that she is re-working her DMP with Danny Linkert, which got me to thinking that my DMP does not evoke enough passion to really drive it home, so now I am re-looking mine! AHHHH! The process is never-ending!

Lifelong learners like us understand that we are never done with the process, but I have never begun such a DELIBERATE process to change previously! I STILL don’t understand the whole color chart thing AND my service card only has a couple of things on it. My “excuse” is that I travel a lot and that I cant really do services around the house. Do I need to be more creative? YEP! So that is my focus this week. Am I behind schedule? YEP! But I will PERSIST until I am successful!

The Mental Diet has me more cognizant of negative thoughts entering my mind, even though I still have not been able to go 7 days in a row without having to restart, usually due to my boss! DANG! Now I have to re-start again!