Week 10 Master Key Experience: Backsliding?

This was a challenging week for me. Not only is it the beginning of the holiday season, but I also had to assist with teaching a course in a different building than where my office is located.

This put a huge kink in my normal routine and interrupted my “flow”! Plus I was working right next to a person that definitely caused negative thoughts to flood my mind! The Mental Diet at least caused me to identify that those negative thoughts were there and so I actively tried to replace those negative thoughts with positive ones!

While I was relatively successful, I feel that just identifying that the negative thoughts existed was a HUGE win! With working longer days, it also through off my reading and I focused on GS, DPM, and Haanel. I also was not able to listen to the webinars about finding my purpose, but that WILL happen at the first part of this week! How do I know? Because I ALWAYS keep my promises!

Week 9 Master Key Experience: Staying the course

Hard to believe that it is Week 9 of the MKE already! Last week I feel like I had a real epiphany about how important attaching emotions to our goals will help them become more “real”! I have worked on using more emotion when I read out loud, trying to channel James Earl Jones….and it seems to be helping!

Still struggling with the whole shapes thing, but have committed to getting it “fixed” over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend! The Mental Diet (I quit calling it the 7 Day Mental Diet since I have been working on it for MORE than 7 days!) is a HUGE challenge, but if nothing else it is forcing me to focus on my thoughts instead of just allowing them free range around my brain!

I know that although I don’t know how, I am trusting that all of the pieces will come together to AMAZE us! Channeling Mr. Miyagi!

Scott’s DMP Press Release

Hi! This is Bill Phillips and I am here today with Scott Nelson to discuss the amazing success that he has had in the past 9 months. It has been nothing short of spectacular! So let’s get into the interview!

Bill: Scott, thank you so much for taking time to sit down with me and tell me the story of the success that you have had in the last 9 months. I know that my readers are dying to know how you did it!

Scott: Thanks Bill! I sometimes have to pinch myself when I wake up in the morning that this is MY life that I am living!

Bill: Can you take me back to the moment that you changed things to start on the path to success?

Scott: Certainly! It all started back in September of 2018. I am really not sure where I received the information from, but I must have seen an ad or an email that talked about something called the Master Key Experience. I had been looking for something to help me change my mindset to help me experience success and provide me with the ability to live where I wanted and to travel where I wanted to, when I wanted! For some reason, the information about this course really resonated with me. So I decided to give it a try. WOW! I had no idea that there would be so much time and work involved, but as we progressed, Mark and his team explained that we have been conditioned to think a certain way that has NOT been serving us for years! And in my case DECADES! So it was going to take a lot of time, effort, and energy to change all of that conditioning. But I stuck with it, and indeed change did come, and along with it came the success that I had been craving!

Bill: That sounds amazing! What kind of success were you craving that you saw “manifesting” for you?

Scott: Bill, as you know I represent Wakaya Perfection, particularly their line of products that support the ketogenic lifestyle. My wife and I had seen phenomenal results not only in losing weight, but in how we felt and our overall health! I feel so blessed to have found Keto and I am never going back! Well, I was just telling a few people about our success with keto and the products, but once my inner blueprint changed and I decided I wanted to go BIG, opportunities and people just seemed to come out of the woodwork to help me achieve my goals! I had a friend of mine who had talked about helping me develop sales funnels and put a bunch of people into my business had forgot about that and was almost avoiding me before I started changing my blueprint. But once the new blueprint started taking hold, all of a sudden he was energized to help again an he was absolutely key in getting my business to EXPLODE! In a matter of 7 months, I went from almost nothing in my business to several hundred which propelled me to the rank of Diamond within the company and has given me the income that I needed to quit my job as a contractor and start traveling where I want to, not where my boss tells me to go! Although my wife certainly has a say in where we go! LOL!

Bill: That is AMAZING! And you think that just because you were changing how you think, your friend changed how he perceived this project and jumped on board? Pretty woo woo stuff, dont you think?

Scott: LOL! I used to think the same thing, but I have EXPERIENCED how transforming how we think and how we change our VIBRATIONS, changes how we are perceived by other people, and more importantly….God! He made this earth with energy at the very core of everything’s makeup, so if we change our energy from negative to positive, we attract positive things! I don’t claim to understand it all, I just know that it WORKS!

Bill: Well that is absolutely apparent with the success that you have achieved! What do you think is the greatest moment in the last year?

Scott: Well of course, helping all of those hundreds of people see incredible improvements in their health and financial situations is extremely gratifying, but the one moment that will always stick out to me was when my wife and I were in Las Vegas for the 2019 International Carubi Con where we were going to be recognized as a Diamond couple. My wife had hocked her wedding ring a few years ago when we were in debt and struggling in our marriage, so she had been wearing a cubic zirconia ring since then. My dream had been for years to finally be in a position that I could buy her a REAL diamond wedding ring! I will never forget when we went into Zales the day before we were to be recognized and I purchased her a 2.5 carat diamond solitaire ring! Her eyes literally sparkled like the diamond on her finger! She was a giddy as a school girl and couldn’t stop giggling! And she is 52 yrs old! LOL! THAT was something that I had dreamed about for SOOOO long and to finally make it happen the day before we were recognized as Diamonds in Wakaya Perfection made it that much more special!

Bill: WOW! That is quite the story! So in closing, what would you tell our readers?

Scott: Make a decision! Make a decision to change what you are doing currently so that you can have the life that you have always dreamed of having because it CAN happen! Not changing what we are doing and expecting different results is the definition of INSANITY! So change what you are doing, and get the results that you want. But you have to execute those changes with ENTHUUUSSSIASM, or they will not happen!

Bill: Great advice! I think I need to talk to you about this Master Key Experience. Sounds like I could definitely benefit from it! Until next time, this is Bill Phillips. Thanks for reading!

About Scott

I am a retired Army Lieutenant Colonel of 28 years. I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit, but have never been able to realize those ambitions due to my time in the Army AND my own emotional blocks. I am THRILLED that God pointed me to the Master Key Experience as a means that will methodically break down the emotional blocks to my success that I have held onto for so long and help me become the man that I have always dreamed of being!IMG_4995

Week 8 Master Key Experience: Emotions!

I have been hearing about how important emotions are to the process of changing our thinking since Day One of the Master Key Experience, but I never really understood until this week!

I mean, I am a DUDE! We don’t show our emotions! That is for women, or for men who are much more “in touch” with their feminine side! But then I realized that emotions were not things that made me soft, but provided enthusiasm, purpose, direction! If I could feel excitement about my DMP, it would drive that desire deep into my SOUL!

The visualization piece really hit me this week like it has not before. The paragraph that talks about how a businessman has to visualize the organization with hundreds and thousands of people in it and all of the things that must take place to create success really resonated with me because I want a large network marketing team, but I had never VISUALIZED what that would look like and FEEL like! Light bulb moment! But I have to visualize it in such a way that it evokes strong emotion so that it creates such a desire that I feel it deep in my gut that I NEED this to happen, or I will burst!

I am so much more focused on accomplishing all of the daily tasks with EMOTION to actually drive them into my subby and force him to believe and start manifesting the desires that I am planting!

Why didn’t I hear this information before? It would have made such a big difference! The truth of the matter is that I was NOT ready to really HEAR and UNDERSTAND the information. Once I had heard it enough times in enough different ways, it finally clicked with me! So excited to see where this takes me!

Week 7 Master Key Experience: Who knee my brain was so negative?

Another great webinar with great info. Still working on learning to sit and have my brain focus. There is a reason that focus is such an important skill since it is so difficult to attain! I started on the 7-day Mental Diet and the first day I had to re-start a half dozen times! Part of the issue is that I have a rude, socially stunted man as a boss. So I went in with an attitude that could have been better. Surprisingly, this is the first week that he has been civil since I have worked there! I started to focus on starting each day with love in my heart, and it seems to be working!

Week 6 Master Key Experience

Hard to believe that we are already in Week 6 of the Master Key Experience! It has FLOWN by and at times I feel like I am so far behind where I should be! Then I read some of the blogs from fellow students and I realize I am not that different than the others! We are all struggling balancing the amount of work required to meet all of the requirements and live our full-time life! But we ALL know that the end result will be worth the time and effort, so we continue to forge ahead and learn different techniques for wringing more time out of our already packed schedules. I know that the person that I will be at the end of this journey is going to be a LOT different than the person writing this blog and I am beyond excited to meet him!