Week 23 Master Key Experience: Money

This week’s Haanel talks about the money consciousness and how it permeates everything that we do. Money has really seemed to pop up a lot this week as an issue to deal with.

I have put myself in a position that I need to perform in my business to produce income by paying for the hotel and flight to Las Vegas for our big International convention in May. It seems that since I have done that, the time available to focus on my business has diminished and been overcome by work events. I recognize that this must be my old blueprint of lack rearing its head again with the old pattern of poverty consciousness.

The win is that I now recognize this poverty consciousness for what it is, and now have a plan to move forward with MORE enthusiasm and more focus on just the tasks that are productive! Not managing time, but managing ME!

Week 22 Master Key Experience: Emotions!

So here it is! This week has been hyped for a while telling us that we will be able to take our negative emotions and empower us with good! WHAT? How is THAT possible?

Like everything else that we have learned in MKE, you need to learn to trust the process. And the team hit on ALL of the big ones! Fear, Anger, Guilt, even Hurt Feelings, but the biggest one for me is Unworthiness. Hard to believe if you look at my life. Successfully raised three successful kids, retired after 28 years as a Lieutenant Colonel, won my company’s Fitness Challenge not once, but twice! So far I am the only one to do that! And yet it is easier to focus on the fact that I am not making enough money from the business to pay for all of my products (I can’t help it if I LOVE our products!), let alone the company conference coming up in May.

So this week was very timely for me as I put myself in a situation where I HAVE to perform! So what happened next? Out of the blue, the other gentleman who was named Co-Champion with me on the last Challenge reached out on a text message and said, “Dude, you got this fitness thing DOWN! But now we need to focus on growing your business!” And I am not even in his downline! Maybe this Law of Attraction thing works!

So my new project is learning to use Fear and Unworthiness to drive my business to the levels of success that I desire! And then my upline reached out today saying that they want to help grow my business as well. WOO HOO! Let’s put into practice what we have learned and TRUST the process! Taken me a while to GET that, but it is starting to make sense now. Plus, not only do I have Mastermind partner now, I have TWO! And so it continues!

Week 21 Master Key Experience: Starting to get “FOCUS”!

Oe of the challenges that I have had in recent years is a phenomenon called “monkey mind”. It basically means that your mind is going all over the place and it can be difficult to focus on tasks for any period of time. Adding onto that is society and self-help gurus telling you that multi-tasking is the ONLY way to get all of the things accomplished during the day.

Fortunately, last week Mark was able to punch me in the mouth and get my attention long enough to convince me that multi-tasking is NOT the only way to accomplish my tasks! In fact, if I focus on ONE task at a time and complete, I will actually have MORE time to accomplish the other tasks to the standard I have set for myself!

Since I stopped multi-tasking and focusing on completing one task at a time, I have really felt my overall focus increase and the monkey mind has become much quieter! I used to have to really concentrate to get through the Master Key readings (or any reading for that matter) and now I feel I am able to better take in the information that is presented to me AND to understand it! I wont lie that there have been many passages in the Master Key that have me feeling like I am reading Old English and it just has not clicked. I am going back and reading some of the past lessons and understanding more! SWEET!

I have always considered myself to be a lifelong learner, but the Master Key Experience has taught me how to be a much more effective learner!

Week 20 Master Key Experience: The small epiphany that makes a HUGE impact!

There was so much great info on this week’s webinar! I love how we go back and review previous material as it ALWAYS sheds light on it in a way that I did not see. But the part that really impacted me this week was Mark pointing out that there is no such thing as multi-tasking!

While I have heard that before, for some reason it just really stuck with me this time. I realized that I have been attempting to multi-task at work and saw that I was not getting tasks accomplished in a timely manner and to the quality that I wanted. Once I heard that from Mark, I focused on the most important tasks and completed them quicker and to the level of quality that satisfied me. I am still working on letting go of the less-important tasks, but I believe in my heart that with this focusing on one task at a time that there will soon be an abundance of time to complete those other tasks! This made my week so much more fulfilling! Thank you Mark!

Week 19 Master Key Experience: Old Blueprint not dead yet!

I found myself doing a lot of traveling for work the past couple of weeks, working very long days, all while being in the middle of a fitness Challenge and coaching a team that ranged from the East Coast to Afghanistan. And yet I had developed the habit of my reading three times a day. Okay, I admit it is usually only twice a day, but those times are sacred. Flashing through my cards is becoming one of my favorite habits and when I don’t do it, I feel a piece is missing. I always get a smile on my face when I read certain cards such as “my granddaughter thinks I am smart”, or I feel a sense of pride when I read the card that says “I was a Fitness Champion…TWICE!”

And yet some days it was a struggle to keep the positive thoughts always in the front of my mind, particularly when it related to one particular person! The best part about that seemingly negative issue is that I was cognizant and aware of those negative thoughts! PROGRESS! It is the little victories over time that will eventually lead to winning the war and achieving the life that I have dreamed of! And while I have learned more patience as I have gotten older, I am beginning to have less patience with achieving my goals which helps me to DO IT NOW and pushes me to make progress on a daily basis! Loving the process!

Week 18 Master Key Experience: The Magic Card

It took me FOREVER to get caught up on Week 18 as I have been traveling for work and working long hours. Bad excuses, but that is my story and I am sticking to it!

The big takeaway for me was the addition of a single card, or I should say 10 of them, to my already growing decks of index cards. This one immediately struck me as having an immediate impact! “What would the person I intend to become do next!” While not going to make a bracelet like “WWJD” did, this one sentence really has me thinking every time that I read it! I take particular care to create a mental picture every time I read it, which is five times per card deck! Excited to see how this simple phrase will impact my future ME!

Week 17 HJ Master Key Experience: Time to start making decisions

This week is the first time that what we are supposed to do has not been very regimented. Some people LOVE that! As a veteran of 28 years in the U.S. Army, I HATE it! What am I going to do? I don’t know which week’s I should look at that is going to give me the most bang for my buck! And the Emerson essay? OMG! It is so LOOOONG and I frankly don’t understand much of what he says anyway.

Yep, that is how I started this week. Then I remembered the 7-day Mental Diet. I recognized how negative these thoughts were and how they were NOT serving me. So I started replacing those thoughts with positive thoughts such as “this will give me an opportunity to review some of the slide notes and see which one I want to dive back into. Also with Emerson, I would read that essay in sections and really ruminate on what he is trying to convey. And you know what? It WORKED!

I was able to review several of the past lessons because I followed directions and printed out the lessons and notes and kept them in a binder that I always pack and carry with me when I am traveling! It has reminded of the importance of some of the exercises that we are doing and some that I have let slip. I have renewed my desire and commitment to doing the right things!

One of the things that I teach in my classes that we deliver around the country is a discussion of Measures of Performance and Measures of Effectiveness. Measures of performance are much easier to measure since they are things like “Did I read the Greatest Salesman chapter today?” Yep! That is easy. The measures of effectiveness are much “squishier” and harder to measure because they measure things like “Am I happier?” Much harder to measure that one! One of the ways to think about that is “Am I doing things right?” (Measures of Performance) and “Am I doing the right things?” (Measures of effectiveness) We cannot expect to gain maximum results if we are not doing the right things…..right! And so I have re-committed to doing ALL of the right things….right!