Week 22 Master Key Experience: Emotions!

So here it is! This week has been hyped for a while telling us that we will be able to take our negative emotions and empower us with good! WHAT? How is THAT possible?

Like everything else that we have learned in MKE, you need to learn to trust the process. And the team hit on ALL of the big ones! Fear, Anger, Guilt, even Hurt Feelings, but the biggest one for me is Unworthiness. Hard to believe if you look at my life. Successfully raised three successful kids, retired after 28 years as a Lieutenant Colonel, won my company’s Fitness Challenge not once, but twice! So far I am the only one to do that! And yet it is easier to focus on the fact that I am not making enough money from the business to pay for all of my products (I can’t help it if I LOVE our products!), let alone the company conference coming up in May.

So this week was very timely for me as I put myself in a situation where I HAVE to perform! So what happened next? Out of the blue, the other gentleman who was named Co-Champion with me on the last Challenge reached out on a text message and said, “Dude, you got this fitness thing DOWN! But now we need to focus on growing your business!” And I am not even in his downline! Maybe this Law of Attraction thing works!

So my new project is learning to use Fear and Unworthiness to drive my business to the levels of success that I desire! And then my upline reached out today saying that they want to help grow my business as well. WOO HOO! Let’s put into practice what we have learned and TRUST the process! Taken me a while to GET that, but it is starting to make sense now. Plus, not only do I have Mastermind partner now, I have TWO! And so it continues!

4 thoughts on “Week 22 Master Key Experience: Emotions!”

  1. WOO HOO Scott!
    You know your in the right Business when someone outside your team offers to help you succeed. Well Done!
    You have come a long way and you are nailing it!

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