Week 21 Master Key Experience: Starting to get “FOCUS”!

Oe of the challenges that I have had in recent years is a phenomenon called “monkey mind”. It basically means that your mind is going all over the place and it can be difficult to focus on tasks for any period of time. Adding onto that is society and self-help gurus telling you that multi-tasking is the ONLY way to get all of the things accomplished during the day.

Fortunately, last week Mark was able to punch me in the mouth and get my attention long enough to convince me that multi-tasking is NOT the only way to accomplish my tasks! In fact, if I focus on ONE task at a time and complete, I will actually have MORE time to accomplish the other tasks to the standard I have set for myself!

Since I stopped multi-tasking and focusing on completing one task at a time, I have really felt my overall focus increase and the monkey mind has become much quieter! I used to have to really concentrate to get through the Master Key readings (or any reading for that matter) and now I feel I am able to better take in the information that is presented to me AND to understand it! I wont lie that there have been many passages in the Master Key that have me feeling like I am reading Old English and it just has not clicked. I am going back and reading some of the past lessons and understanding more! SWEET!

I have always considered myself to be a lifelong learner, but the Master Key Experience has taught me how to be a much more effective learner!

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