Week 17 HJ Master Key Experience: Time to start making decisions

This week is the first time that what we are supposed to do has not been very regimented. Some people LOVE that! As a veteran of 28 years in the U.S. Army, I HATE it! What am I going to do? I don’t know which week’s I should look at that is going to give me the most bang for my buck! And the Emerson essay? OMG! It is so LOOOONG and I frankly don’t understand much of what he says anyway.

Yep, that is how I started this week. Then I remembered the 7-day Mental Diet. I recognized how negative these thoughts were and how they were NOT serving me. So I started replacing those thoughts with positive thoughts such as “this will give me an opportunity to review some of the slide notes and see which one I want to dive back into. Also with Emerson, I would read that essay in sections and really ruminate on what he is trying to convey. And you know what? It WORKED!

I was able to review several of the past lessons because I followed directions and printed out the lessons and notes and kept them in a binder that I always pack and carry with me when I am traveling! It has reminded of the importance of some of the exercises that we are doing and some that I have let slip. I have renewed my desire and commitment to doing the right things!

One of the things that I teach in my classes that we deliver around the country is a discussion of Measures of Performance and Measures of Effectiveness. Measures of performance are much easier to measure since they are things like “Did I read the Greatest Salesman chapter today?” Yep! That is easy. The measures of effectiveness are much “squishier” and harder to measure because they measure things like “Am I happier?” Much harder to measure that one! One of the ways to think about that is “Am I doing things right?” (Measures of Performance) and “Am I doing the right things?” (Measures of effectiveness) We cannot expect to gain maximum results if we are not doing the right things…..right! And so I have re-committed to doing ALL of the right things….right!

6 thoughts on “Week 17 HJ Master Key Experience: Time to start making decisions”

  1. I’m the other way around. Being regimented kills me, while freedom to shine, given some resources is where I perform best. It is great that you found an answer that worked for you this week.


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