Week 17 Master Key Experience: Cards, cards, and more cards!

The webinar this week really focused on the benefits that we gain by flashing through our 3×5 cards multiple times throughout the day. And I am seeing the method to the “madness”!

Perhaps the Law of Growth is finally kicking in, orbit has been there the whole time and I am finally recognizing the changes, but the index cards is making sense to me. I have had to re-write a few cards because I keep them in my pants pockets so they are readily available and get trashed getting pulled out! 😳

Played some catch-up this week and that felt AMAZING! I am very competitive and I HATE to be behind! Looking forward to experiencing epiphanies this week!

7 thoughts on “Week 17 Master Key Experience: Cards, cards, and more cards!”

  1. It’s one thing to read about or hear about something, but another to actually do it and reap the rewards of self-knowledge from direct experience. Another great week for you Scott. Love your passion!


  2. I started slowly with the cards, but now I love them and have piles in various locations where I shall be throughout the day which I shuffle each day. It’s become a fun game of gratitude!


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