Week 14 Master Key Experience: The DO!

I am slowly starting to see where the exercises that we have been doing are actually leading somewhere! It really hit me when Haanel talked about how the athlete can read all kinds of books about physical training but until he actually puts forth the physical effort to implement what he has learned, nothing will happen!

I can see where we have been training our minds in different ways so that we can be in harmony with the Universal Mind in positive ways that will bring about positive results! Not just in the Law of Attraction but in our everyday interactions with those around us. The Law of Dual Thought has had the most profound effect upon me thus far as well as the Law of Growth. Trading positive thoughts for negative thoughts has really been a game-changer for me!

I have always known that I am a child of God, but this week’s reading really helped point out how I can be in harmony with Him and tap into His goodness not only through prayer, but with being in harmony with Him because He made us in His image! And our minds are the radios with which we can communicate with Him. AMAZING!

5 thoughts on “Week 14 Master Key Experience: The DO!”

  1. Great Blog Scott!
    Question for you. “Trading positive thoughts for negative thoughts” Should that not be the other way around? Or am I reading it differently?
    Happy New Year!
    Peace Be Your Journey!


  2. Indeed it IS all in the interpretation! We all look at the world through our different filters and this certainly highlighted that! Thanks for reading the blog and providing feedback!


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