Week 11 Master Key Experience: Circling back and gaining increased understanding!

I love/hate how much this journey pushes me! There are so many tasks to do and seems like there is never enough time to do them! So that is my old blueprint working out a way to stay in charge. It HAS been a challenge to get in ALL of the exercises, but I have been focused on the core readings and looking my movie poster. I am working with Michelle Dahlman on Masterminding and she told me that she is re-working her DMP with Danny Linkert, which got me to thinking that my DMP does not evoke enough passion to really drive it home, so now I am re-looking mine! AHHHH! The process is never-ending!

Lifelong learners like us understand that we are never done with the process, but I have never begun such a DELIBERATE process to change previously! I STILL don’t understand the whole color chart thing AND my service card only has a couple of things on it. My “excuse” is that I travel a lot and that I cant really do services around the house. Do I need to be more creative? YEP! So that is my focus this week. Am I behind schedule? YEP! But I will PERSIST until I am successful!

The Mental Diet has me more cognizant of negative thoughts entering my mind, even though I still have not been able to go 7 days in a row without having to restart, usually due to my boss! DANG! Now I have to re-start again!

3 thoughts on “Week 11 Master Key Experience: Circling back and gaining increased understanding!”

  1. Easy come, easy go, Scott!
    Did you catch that one within 7 seconds or less? I think so!
    Question? Is there anything you can be of service that is work related and does not require you to call on others or spend your money?
    I bet there is!


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