Week 10 Master Key Experience: Backsliding?

This was a challenging week for me. Not only is it the beginning of the holiday season, but I also had to assist with teaching a course in a different building than where my office is located.

This put a huge kink in my normal routine and interrupted my “flow”! Plus I was working right next to a person that definitely caused negative thoughts to flood my mind! The Mental Diet at least caused me to identify that those negative thoughts were there and so I actively tried to replace those negative thoughts with positive ones!

While I was relatively successful, I feel that just identifying that the negative thoughts existed was a HUGE win! With working longer days, it also through off my reading and I focused on GS, DPM, and Haanel. I also was not able to listen to the webinars about finding my purpose, but that WILL happen at the first part of this week! How do I know? Because I ALWAYS keep my promises!

2 thoughts on “Week 10 Master Key Experience: Backsliding?”

  1. Great Observations Scott!
    Who caused negative thoughts to flood your mind? 🙂
    Remember scroll 2 and the law of Dual Thought. You are the Master of Your Thoughts.


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