Week 9 Master Key Experience: Staying the course

Hard to believe that it is Week 9 of the MKE already! Last week I feel like I had a real epiphany about how important attaching emotions to our goals will help them become more “real”! I have worked on using more emotion when I read out loud, trying to channel James Earl Jones….and it seems to be helping!

Still struggling with the whole shapes thing, but have committed to getting it “fixed” over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend! The Mental Diet (I quit calling it the 7 Day Mental Diet since I have been working on it for MORE than 7 days!) is a HUGE challenge, but if nothing else it is forcing me to focus on my thoughts instead of just allowing them free range around my brain!

I know that although I don’t know how, I am trusting that all of the pieces will come together to AMAZE us! Channeling Mr. Miyagi!

4 thoughts on “Week 9 Master Key Experience: Staying the course”

  1. You’re doing Great Scott!
    You can’t go wrong with James Earl Jones or Mr. Miyagi!
    I sometimes wonder about the name, 7 Day Mental Diet, yet it’s soul purpose is to make one aware of their thoughts than actually achieving 7 days.


  2. well thanks for mentioning james earl jones, wow you sound so excited here. great post, I am excited how you are next week keep on the “more day diet. “


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