Week 8 Master Key Experience: Emotions!

I have been hearing about how important emotions are to the process of changing our thinking since Day One of the Master Key Experience, but I never really understood until this week!

I mean, I am a DUDE! We don’t show our emotions! That is for women, or for men who are much more “in touch” with their feminine side! But then I realized that emotions were not things that made me soft, but provided enthusiasm, purpose, direction! If I could feel excitement about my DMP, it would drive that desire deep into my SOUL!

The visualization piece really hit me this week like it has not before. The paragraph that talks about how a businessman has to visualize the organization with hundreds and thousands of people in it and all of the things that must take place to create success really resonated with me because I want a large network marketing team, but I had never VISUALIZED what that would look like and FEEL like! Light bulb moment! But I have to visualize it in such a way that it evokes strong emotion so that it creates such a desire that I feel it deep in my gut that I NEED this to happen, or I will burst!

I am so much more focused on accomplishing all of the daily tasks with EMOTION to actually drive them into my subby and force him to believe and start manifesting the desires that I am planting!

Why didn’t I hear this information before? It would have made such a big difference! The truth of the matter is that I was NOT ready to really HEAR and UNDERSTAND the information. Once I had heard it enough times in enough different ways, it finally clicked with me! So excited to see where this takes me!

3 thoughts on “Week 8 Master Key Experience: Emotions!”

  1. Emotions are for women!
    Man! How often have we had that driven into us over the years. I wonder who thought that one up?
    Great observation Scott, You have grown substantially since week one!


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