Week 4 Master Key Experience: Starting to make sense!

Week 4 and this is the first webinar that I was able to listen to the whole thing start to finish because I told my family WHY I was doing what I was doing and they surprisingly respected my wishes to be left alone to take notes and really take in what was being said! And this was a perfect webinar for that as the science piece of it really spoke to me and confirmed that this is not just “woo woo” stuff! LOL! My wife even understands that I have to read ALOUD in the evenings and when I finally shared my DMP with her, I broke down and could barely finish when I got to the part about buying her a real diamond wedding ring. So suffice it to say I have PLENTY of feeling tied to that part! Starting to get more organized and getting in ALL of my daily readings and exercises! I will NOT quit this course and will figure out a way to get in all of my tasks in a meaningful manner DAILY! I keep my promises!!!

4 thoughts on “Week 4 Master Key Experience: Starting to make sense!”

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