Week 2 Master Key Experience: Fighting the old blueprint!

I have struggled this week with reading all of the things that I have to read at the times that I should read them! We have had class that I have to be in, which messes up my lunch ritual, but I am recognizing that I have to change my ritual because it is NOT serving me! And I have not been reading the first scroll out loud in the evening, but have done it in the morning. As I keep re-reading the scroll, it has finally impressed upon me that it is my old blueprint that has me reading out loud in the morning when NO ONE is around! If I want change, I need to follow ALL of the instructions and not just the comfortable, easy ones! I finally reached out to my guide with some questions when I did not get an email saying that my initial review of my DMP was complete. I needed to go back into the DMP program and sure enough, there it was! I sometimes feel like I will not be able to complete the tasks because I just don’t get some of it, but I am COMMITTED to completing this course because I know that I will be a better person and MUCH more successful because of this course!

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